Westinghouse WGen20000 - 20000/28000W Portable Generator

The Westinghouse WGen20000 is a powerful open frame generator with a rated wattage of 20,000 W and a starting wattage of 28,000 W.

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Westinghouse WGen20000Westinghouse WGen20000Westinghouse WGen20000Westinghouse WGen20000
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In a nutshell, the Westinghouse WGen20000 is a powerful portable generator mostly geared towards:

  • Professionals in need of safely powering high-intensity work or lighting equipment
  • Homeowners who want to be able to use the most necessary devices in their household, even during a blackout

In the sections ahead, the power characteristics, availability of various outlets, the portability, and any additional features of the device shall be discussed, including its emission compliance information.

Power & Run Time

The Westinghouse WGen20000 in use

The Westinghouse WGen20000

The Westinghouse WGen20000's core is the 999 cc OHV V-Twin engine, which runs on gasoline. With an output of 120/240V, it provides a running wattage of 20,000W and a peak wattage of 28,000W. The impressive running wattage makes this unit the biggest portable generator currently on the market, along with its cousin, the Westinghouse WGen20000c.

The generator is rated for a noise of 74 dBA (just slightly more noisy than a vacuum cleaner). Its starting mechanism is based on a simple and elegant electric starter (battery included).

With a fuel capacity of 17.17 gallons, the WGen20000 may run for around 11 hours at 50% load with a full tank (fuel consumption around 1.56 GPH).

Delicate electronics can be plugged in an AC outlets safely, as the WGen20000 generates a clean sine wave, reaching a <5% Total Harmonic Distortion (THD).


The control panel provides the upcoming 9 AC outlets:

Two Duplexes 120V 20A (5-20R) GFCI
120V 30A (L5-30R) receptacle
Two 120/240V 30A (L14-30R) receptacles
Two 120/240V 50A (14-50R) receptacles

While this Westinghouse generator is not RV Ready, its L5-30R receptacle can be used for a simple RV connection with an L5-30P to TT-30R adaptor. Besides, due to the featured twist-lock L14-30R receptacle, the WGen20000 is transfer switch ready: you may connect it to a breaker box to power your household during a power outage.

Westinghouse's ST Switch Outlet

Picture of the ST Switch outlet

The ST Switch outlet

The WGen20000 is what Westinghouse calls Smart Switch Ready. This means that it features a special outlet that allows for an automatic transfer of power in case of a power outage.

To benefit from this feature, you'll need the Westinghouse ST Switch (opens in a new tab), which is not included with the generator.

Simply put, the ST Switch is a cost-effective and versatile portable automatic transfer switch, which can be installed quickly and easily, without an electrician.

Plug the ST Switch into one of your household 120V outlets, plug your appliances to the ST Switch, and connect the WGen20000 to the ST Switch via the special outlet and a 120V cord. The generator will automatically turn on when the power goes out, and automatically turn off when the power returns.


The Westinghouse WGen20000 has the following dimensions: L38 x W35 x H40.4 in. In combination with its conventional, open frame design, they provide support and allow the generator to be raised above ground level. The device has been designed for tough environments and demanding outdoor use.

Even though this device may be technically portable (as in movable), manipulation and transportation without special equipment can be a challenge, as it weighs 540 pounds. However, this lack of maneuverability is compensated by its wheel kit (⌀13") and its folding handle, with which you can conveniently shift it, once it's on the ground.

In addition, the device is equipped with a lift hook on the top of its frame, which provides extra safety during the loading, unloading and transport of the generator.


Panel of the Westinghouse WGen20000

The WGen20000's control panel

The WGen20000 and its control panel include a convenient meter, which displays voltage, frequency and lifetime hours. This feature comes handy when monitoring its status and activity.

The generator includes a built-in fuel gauge, a quick, easy and convenient method of checking the device’s gas level.

As for its security measures, the device features an overload protection (circuit breaker) and an automatic low oil shut-off, letting you use it with a peace of mind.

Along the basic documentation and an owner's manual (opens in a new tab), useful for starting the generator right away, the Westinghouse WGen20000's package also includes these accessories: tool kit, oil and funnel.


The Westinghouse WGen20000 is EPA approved, but NOT CARB-compliant. Thus, it cannot be purchased or sold in California.

However, it features a spark arrestor, making it usable in forested areas.

Product Videos

The Westinghouse WGen20000 versus other generators

The following charts are provided to give you an idea of how some of the key specs of the Westinghouse WGen20000 compare to generators of similar power (between 14000 and 20000 W).

  • At a dry weight of 540 pounds, the Westinghouse WGen20000 is one of the heavier devices which can produce between 14000 and 20000 running watts. In terms of weight, one of the champions in their power range is the Generac GP15000E, standing at just 363 lbs.
  • The WGen20000 provides one of the highest run time among similarly powerful devices, reaching around 11 hours at 50% load.
  • The run time is important, but also hugely depends on the capacity of the fuel tank and doesn't mean much if we don't talk about fuel consumption as well. As this generator uses an estimated 1.56 GPH (gallon per hour) at a 50% load, it finds itself in the average gasoline consumption range of similar products. If not satisfied with the afore-mentioned fuel consumption, you may wish to check out the Generac GP15500EFI. With a fuel consumption of as little as 1.29 GPH, it is one of the most efficient generators currently on the market.

Price comparison

As you can see from these interactive charts, when compared to other 14000-20000W generators, the Westinghouse WGen20000 is on the expensive side of the price range.

While certainly not the cheapest of its kind, purchasing it would most likely also mean enjoying the reliability of a high-end product.

The bottom line

  • Several accessories included
  • GFCI Outlets
  • Impressive quantity of AC outlets
  • 4 different AC outlet types
  • Electric start
  • Clean sine wave
  • Smart Switch Ready
  • High run time
  • Decent fuel efficiency
  • On the expensive side
  • No recoil back-up
  • No remote start
  • Not CARB-compliant
  • On the heavy side (540 lbs)

Do you own the Westinghouse WGen20000 and agree (or disagree) with these strengths and weaknesses?

Let us know and write your own review.

Features and Specifications

Parallel capableNo
RV readyNo
Engine999 cc OHV V-Twin
Starting systemElectric
Warranty3 years
VoltageAC: 120/240V 60 Hz
Running watts20,000 W
Starting watts28,000 W
Running amps (@120/240V)166.7/83.3 amps
Peak amps (@120/240V)233.3/116.7 amps
Run time @50% load11 h
Run time @25% load17 h
GFCI outletsYes
Covered outletsYes
Automatic Voltage RegulationYes
AC outlets
  • 2x Duplex 120V 20A (5-20R) GFCI
  • 1x 120V 30A (L5-30R)
  • 2x 120/240V 30A (L14-30R)
  • 2x 120/240V 50A (14-50R)
DC outletsNo
Data centerVFT
Fuel tank17.17 gal
Fuel gaugeYes
Weight540 lbs
Approx. dimensions (L x W x H)38 x 35 x 40.4 in
Noise (lower limit)74 dBA
THD< 5%
SecurityLow oil and overload protection
Spark arrestorYes
NeutralBonded to frame
Accessories includedOil, funnel, tool kit, battery, and wheel kit

Unlike many websites, we did our best to research each of the specs above. That being said, we are not immune to making the occasional mistake or omission. Should you notice any missing or incorrect values, don't hesitate to suggest improvements so we can address the issue.

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About Westinghouse

The US based Westinghouse Outdoor Power Equipment is a legacy subsidiary of the Westinghouse Electric Corporation, founded in 1886. While the company has been acquired and merged into the American CBS, the Westinghouse name remains as the brand name for many of their electrical solutions, which stretch across the scale from power plants to portable generators. Portable generators – the main product of the Outdoor Power Equipment branch of Westinghouse – used to be manufactured by Westpro Power Systems, which was bought in 2016 by Midwest Equipment. Lawn equipment, such as trimmers and blowers, is also sold under the Westinghouse brand name. All of their products are designed in the US. However, they are in many cases manufactured in China.

Warranty Information

The Westinghouse WGen20000 is covered under a warranty for up to 3 years. This warranty may be limited and may not cover all parts of the generator.
For more information about the warranty of Westinghouse generators, please consult Westinghouse's warranty policies (opens in a new tab). Alternatively, you can also contact their Customer Support: 1-855-944-3571.

Questions & Answers

What can it power?
Examples of items that can be simultaneously powered.
The examples below are based on a maximum load of 80% and estimated wattages. For a more accurate estimation, use our generator sizing calculator.
ItemRunning WattsStarting Watts
At homeSump pump (1/2 hp)10502150
Furnace fan (1/2 hp)8752350
Refrigerator (energy star)1921192
Clothes dryer54006750
Electric range21002100
Hair dryer18001900
Electric grill16501650
Electric fry pan15001500
Clothes iron12701270
Game console150150
Total15987 W17462 W
For workElectric welder90009000
Table saw18004500
Air compressor (1 hp)16006100
Demolition hammer12601260
Reciprocating saw730960
Bug zapper8080
Total15870 W20370 W
Can all of usable power be connected to the breaker panel using one cord ( 20k out from one 50 amp outlet to breaker panel) (Asked March 18, 2023)

The maximum power you'll get out of a single 50A outlet is 240V*50A=12kW.

Couldn't find the right answer for you? Ask your own question.

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Westinghouse WGen20000
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  1. 4.9

    Very pleased with this generator although the box it When it get here after the order was cancelled, I ended up getting it free from Amazon due to a miscommunication from them. I purchase it from them and they gave me a delivery date. It didn’t come. So I canceled the order. then two Months later it showed up at my house. Called Amazon about it and they said i could either return it on my dime or just keep it or dispose of it. Lucky me. After several tries, I successfully converted it to natural gas and it runs the whole house with 8 tons of air conditioning. I also added a tachometer. I broke in the engine in at 50% power for 6 hours on gasoline before running the whole house on Natural gas. Be sure to get a good quality synthetic oil 10W30 oil. I don’t trust that Chinese oil they sent with it. Fram extra guard PH4967 oil filter fits it very well.

    + PROS:
    • Plenty of power.
    • Great quality.
    • Easy to move around for it's size and weight.
    • great price(free).
    • Quiet running and clean power.
    • Two 50 amp outputs.
    • Great support from Westinghouse.
    - CONS:
    • Made in China.
    • supply of parts seems to be hard to find for certain items.
    • dip stick could be designed better.
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  2. 5

    Westinghouse WGen20000 Review: For the most part, I agree with GeneratorBible.com’s review; overall, the thing is awesome. But they forgot some strengths, and mislabeled some of them as weaknesses.

    The WGen20k is relatively clean-burning, which is nice even outside of California (mentioned in the review, but not as a strength); and while a Remote-Starter sounds nice, it would require an Automatic Choke and some Computer Circuitry, which would drive up the price (I paid about half of what Amazon’s currently charging, and it was still a lot), so I can see why they left ‘em out. They also list the lack of Recoil Starter and extra Weight as weaknesses, but neither is necessarily bad…

    First, have you ever pulled the recoil cord on a lawnmower and encountered what’s known as ‘Kickback’ — it’s not much fun (and that’s with a small 150cc engine). Now imagine that same thing with a 1,000cc engine — holy cats, you’d lose an arm! Second, if you need to maneuver it around various job-sites every day, then yeah, the Weight would be an issue… but if you’re using it for residential back-up power, it’s a plus; I took the wheels, handles, and lifting hook off of mine, and chained it to a concrete pad. Now let’s say you’re a thief looking for a Generator; with a full tank, this thing weighs almost 650-lbs, but even with 4 big guys and a die grinder, each grabbing a corner and trying to coordinate their shuffling — they’re not going to accomplish much without a lot of time, energy, noise, sparks, and other unwanted attention (security lights and cameras) — and while my 12ga would unfortunately put a sizable divot in my lawn, the sound alone would be enough to wake God, and all the neighbors in a half-mile radius, and send those would-be thieves a running.

    They also forgot a couple of weaknesses: 1st, the Dip-Stick is almost unreadable — which is important because the oil-level is crucial, and there’s not much of it (so there ain’t much difference between the minimum and maximum levels); and 2nd, the Ignition-Keys suck.

    I use a 6,000 lumen shop light to help decipher the Dip-Stick enigma (not much else I can do), but the Keys have a plastic shroud around the head that’s designed to fit over the ignition-cylinder, but the shrouds are warped, and the plastic is hard (one of ‘em wouldn’t even fully engage, with a strong effort). So I had new Keys made at a locksmith (from Ilco X259 blanks).

    I read a little about this Generator in some online-forums — before it was even available, and found people complaining that it’s just too much. I think they’re overlooking one important concept; just because your house draws 10 kilowatts, and you buy a 10 kilowatt Generator — that doesn’t mean you have a ‘whole-house’ Generator — far from it. Every manufacturer lists their Generator’s fuel consumption at 50% load. There’s a reason for that, and it’s the same reason that automotive manufacturers equip cars with engines capable of pushing them to twice the speed limit, or more. If every American road were built like the Autobahn, and everyone drove their Fords and Chevys flat-out everywhere they went (assuming they had the skills), they’d blow their engines in less than a week. So if you run your Generator at no more than say 60 or 70%, it’ll last years, maybe decades longer than if you drive it like a teenager.

    The estimated maximum running-wattage of my small, 1,000 sq ft house (with everything going, all at once), is between about 9,000 and 15,000 watts (summer use is less than winter, spring and fall are lower still), so even I have to be a little careful during winter outages — what the house lacks in size, it makes up for with inefficiency (Radiant Ceiling Heat, circa 1962… God, what a bad idea).

    Suggestions: With the standard 2-Wheels, I found it surprisingly easy working my way into holes (in gravel and loose soil — I’m assuming mud as well), but that’s okay because at almost 550-lbs Dry, it’s loads of fun getting back out. Farmers and Construction Workers could keep the thing in a dedicated truck, but that’s less convenient in use, and ties up an entire truck for the duration of the project. But if the Generator had 4-Wheels instead of 2, that would increase maneuverability even on solid ground. Relocate the 2 existing wheels farther forward, add 2 more (on castors) in back, and viola. I’ve seen 4-Wheel ‘kits’ to adapt certain (smaller) Honda Generators, but they are unsteerable — or rather, ‘skid’ steerable, which presents a whole new set of problems.

    A small Motor driving those 2 castors would improve handling even more. It would also require a larger battery, more circuitry, and a subsequent increase in price (maybe they could make it a factory ‘Option’). If they could keep the price reasonable, the WGen20k would immediately become the ‘Must-Have’ generator for anyone seeking a ton of power; Contractors, Suburbanites, even people out in Rural areas (City-dwellers, probably not — they don’t typically have the space for something this big).

    Dual-Fuel Capability would also be nice (but would also up the price)… same for a Remote-Starter (and the price-tag), so maybe these could all be Options. Speaking of optional equipment, how about a larger Fuel-Tank? You could increase the capacity to 50-Gallons, and only increase the overall height by 7.5-Inches — or 100-Gallons, with an extra 15-Inches. These would also cost more and weigh a ton (when full), but they’d be an option, and that Motor-Drive would ease the weight, and the extra fuel would prove extremely useful… not just for Contractors working on jobs that last longer than a day; but also Suburbanites looking for an affordable, whole-house solution; and people living out in Rural areas (even Farmers and Ranchers need affordable, continuous power when the grid goes down). Filling a Tank that large would be interesting. I currently keep a half-dozen 5-Gallon Jerry Cans nearby, but if this thing had a 50 or 100-Gallon Tank, I’d either call a Fuel Delivery Company, or buy a 50 or 100-Gallon Fuel Transfer/Storage Tank, with a 12v Pump.

    The WGen20k Generator currently comes with a small custom-made funnel, which is handy when changing the oil. But what I’d really like is a ‘large’ funnel, for gassing it up. I use a Step-Stool (because holding a 35-lb jerry-can down around your hips, is a whole lot easier than up around your chin), but if the Generator came with a built-in, folding Step-Stool, that would make things easier. Now that I think of it, a Locking Gas-Cap wouldn’t suck. And if they could mount the Control-Panel and Dashboard up higher on the Frame, that would be more convenient (less bending over)… at least for us snowflake Suburbanites (Contractors and Country-Folk wouldn’t give a f__k).

    One last suggestion for people using Portables as whole-house Generators; invest in a $20 Utility Power Return Alarm — a small box that beeps loudly when the power comes back (otherwise, you could be generating unnecessarily for hours, blissfully ignorant).

    If Westinghouse could add these things (along with a functional Dip-Stick, and set of Keys), and keep the MSRP within say $750 of what it is now, then their WGen20k would corner the market for high-output Generators. As is, it’s still pretty useful, and affordable. I was tempted to give it 4-Stars, but I can’t really fault a product for falling short of ‘potential’ — no other Generator offers my suggestions, so if Westinghouse (or some other company) does so in the future, then that’d be a bonus. Then I thought about giving it 1-Star, because manufacturers only read and repond to those, but that would be misleading and dishonest — and I’m not a corporation, or an a-hole (though some might argue that last point).

    + PROS:
    • Very Strong, Runs Steady
    - CONS:
    • Poor Dip-Stick, and Keys
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