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The Predator 3500 (56720) is a quiet and compact inverter generator with a rated wattage of 3000 W and a starting wattage of 3500 W.

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Predator 3500Predator 3500Predator 3500
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Using advanced inverter technology this generator produces more power, with a clean power curve and low fuel consumption. With 11 hours of run time at 25% load this powerful inverter generator is ideal for powering RVs, camping, supplying household emergency power and tailgating. Super-quiet power output (57 dB) makes this generator ideal for campsites. Parallel capable to double your output . 30 Amp RV adapter included for easy hookup to your RV.

Zoom on the Predator 3500

In a nutshell, the Predator 3500 is a quiet and compact portable inverter generator mostly geared towards:

  • RV travellers wishing to enhance their freedom and nomad lifestyle
  • People occasionally participating in outdoor fairs, festivals or events
  • Amateur DIY lovers
  • Homeowners in need of an emergency backup power for their essentials
  • Camping and tailgating buffs looking to enhance their experience

In the following paragraphs, we shall explore the power characteristics, available outlets, portability, and any additional features of the device, along with its emission compliance information.

Power & Run Time

The Predator 3500 in use

The Predator 3500

The Predator 3500 houses a 212 cc (6 hp) OHV 4-stroke engine, which provides 120V, consumes gasoline and delivers a running wattage of 3000W along with a peak wattage of 3500W. Moreover, since it is parallel capable (parallel kit (opens in a new tab) not included), its power may be doubled if linked to a second compatible unit.

The inverter generator features a conventional pull-start mechanism and also a simple and elegant electric starter (battery included). It is rated for a noise of 57 dBA (less noisy than a refrigerator).

With a full tank, the 3500 can operate for up to 11 hours (fuel consumption around 0.22 GPH), thanks to its fuel capacity of 2.46 gallons.

The 3500 produces a clean sine wave: thanks to a <5% Total Harmonic Disruption (THD), your sensitive electronics can be safely plugged in the AC outlets.


The control panel features the following 3 AC outlets:

Duplex 120V 20A (5-20R)
120V 30A (L5-30R) receptacle

Additionally, it features 1 DC outlet: there's a 12V 8A receptacle allowing you to easily charge your batteries.

This Predator generator isn't quite RV Ready, but it features an L5-30R receptacle, allowing a simple RV connection through an L5-30P to TT-30R adaptor (included).


Thanks to its closed inverter generator design (L22.8 x W17.3 x H20 in), the Predator 3500, is more esthetical than a typical, open frame generator. The generator has a contemporary design, convenient for recreationally generating power.

The 3500 can be taken anywhere with you, thanks to its weight of 99.2 lbs. Moreover, its set of 4 wheels and its double handle will allow you to effortlessly shift it once it's on the ground.


Panel of the Predator 3500

The 3500's control panel

A digital data center, one of the features of the 3500's control panel, gives you information on the power output, lifetime run hours and voltage, and thus, is helpful for the monitoring of its activity and status.

In addition to this info, the device’s light indicators will display if its oil levels are insufficient, the generator is ready and the generator is overloaded.

The fuel level of the inverter generator can be determined quickly, easily, and conveniently with the help of its built-in fuel gauge.

Security-wise, this product benefits from an overload protection (circuit breaker) and an automatic low oil shut-off, which gives you a complete peace of mind when using it.

Besides the classic documentation and an owner's manual (opens in a new tab) to get you promptly started, the Predator 3500 also comes with some accessories: RV adapter, battery charging cables, tool kit and funnel are included. A storage cover is also available, as a separate purchase.


The Predator 3500 is EPA-approved and CARB-compliant. Thus, selling and purchasing this generator is allowed in each of the 50 states, including California.

Moreover, it features a spark arrestor, so it is adequate for use in forested areas.

Product Videos

The Predator 3500 versus other generators

The following charts are provided to give you an idea of how some of the key specs of the Predator 3500 compare to generators of similar power (between 2500 and 3500 W).

  • Since the generator weighs in at a dry weight of 99.2 lbs, the Predator 3500 belongs in the expected weight range for devices which can produce between 2500 and 3500 rated watts. Regarding dry weight, one of the champions in the same power range is the Generac GP3300i, with a dry weight of only 59.5 lbs.
  • At a lowest noise rating of 57 dBA, this inverter generator is one of the quieter devices of similar power. For those who are looking for a less noisy device, we suggest the Honda EU3000iS. With just 50 dBA, it is one of the most quiet devices in this power range.
  • The 3500's autonomy is somewhat low end compared to devices of its power range, as it reaches only up to 11 hours at 25% load on a full tank. Furthermore, considering the run times, one of the generators which have a roughly same power output, with the highest autonomy, is the Champion 200954, as it provides up to 22 hours.
  • Even though run times are undoubtedly important, they are dependent on the fuel capacity to a large extent. For a more wholesome picture, we must take into consideration the fuel consumption of the generator. This inverter generator is somewhat less fuel efficient than devices of comparable output: its estimated fuel consumption reaches 0.22 GPH at a 25% load. If you wish to acquire one of the most gasoline efficient products of this power range, the Energizer eZV3500P, with a fuel consumption of 0.13 GPH could be in your good books.

Price comparison

As you can see from this interactive chart, when compared to other 2500-3500W generators, the Predator 3500 is on the average side of the price range.

Therefore, this generator nicely fits in the expected budget for this kind of product.

The bottom line

  • In the expected price range
  • Several accessories included
  • RV adapter included
  • Electric start
  • Parallel capable
  • Inverter
  • Quiet for its power (57 dBA)
  • Decent weight (99.2 lbs)
  • No remote start
  • Weak warranty
  • Relatively low run time
  • Low fuel efficiency

Do you own the Predator 3500 and agree (or disagree) with these strengths and weaknesses?

Let us know and write your own review.

Features and Specifications

Parallel capableYes, cable not included
RV readyNo
Engine212 cc OHV 4-stroke
Starting systemRecoil, Electric
VoltageAC: 120V 60 Hz, DC: 12V
Running watts3000 W
Starting watts3500 W
Running amps25 amps
Peak amps29.2 amps
Run time @50% loadUnknown
Run time @25% load11 h
GFCI outletsNo
Covered outletsNo
Automatic Voltage RegulationInverter
AC outlets
  • 1x Duplex 120V 20A (5-20R)
  • 1x 120V 30A (L5-30R)
DC outlets1x 12V 8A receptacle
Data centerPower output, lifetime run hours and voltage
IndicatorsLow oil, overload and output ready
Fuel tank2.46 gal
Fuel gaugeYes
Weight99.2 lbs
Approx. dimensions (L x W x H)22.8 x 17.3 x 20 in
Noise (lower limit)57 dBA
THD< 5%
EmissionsCARB, EPA
SecurityLow oil and overload protection
Spark arrestorYes
Accessories includedFunnel, tool kit, RV adapter, battery charging cables, and battery
Warranty90 days
Other model numbers56720, 63584

Unlike many websites, we did our best to research each of the specs above. That being said, we are not immune to making the occasional mistake or omission. Should you notice any missing or incorrect values, don't hesitate to suggest improvements so we can address the issue.


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About Predator

Predator portable generators are solely distributed by the Harbor Freight Corporation, which has an impressive list of over 200 trademarked products. The Predator brand is one of their newer lines of outdoor power products. As with many other makes and models of power equipment sold by Harbor Freight, Predator generators are manufactured in China.

Warranty Information

The Predator 3500 is covered under a warranty for up to 90 days. This warranty may be limited and may not cover all parts of the generator.
For more information about the warranty of Predator generators, please consult Predator's warranty policies stated in the user manual (opens in a new tab). Alternatively, you can also contact their Customer Support : 1-800-444-3353.

Questions & Answers

What can it power?
Examples of items that can be simultaneously powered.
The examples below are based on a maximum load of 80% and estimated wattages. For a more accurate estimation, use our generator sizing calculator.
ItemRunning WattsStarting Watts
At homeRefrigerator (energy star)1921192
Hair dryer18001900
Total2392 W3392 W
For campingRadiant heater13001300
RV refrigerator180600
Toaster oven800800
Total2380 W2800 W
For workGrinder14002500
Reciprocating saw730960
Drain cleaner250250
Total2380 W3480 W
Does the inverter charge the battery? (Asked April 10, 2020)

The unit will charge its own battery, while running.

Does the Predator 3500 have GPS tracking (Asked September 18, 2020)

The unit does not have such a feature.

are there remote starter kits available for model 63584 3500 watt portable inverter generator (Asked November 27, 2020)

There are no official remote start kits for this unit. However, you may find third-party ones.

Up to what altitude can the predator 3500 run (Asked February 26, 2021)

You'll probably need to rejet the unit above 5000 feet. Learn more on operating portable generators in high altitudes.

How many running hours before oil change is needed on the predator 3500 inverter (Asked April 10, 2021)

Oil shoud be changed once the breaking-in period is complete, then every 6 months or 100 hours of use, whichever comes first. Oil level should also be checked before each use. You may want to refer to the maintenance schedule located page 16 of the owner's manual (opens in a new tab).

How do I clean the air filter on the predator 3500 inverter (Asked April 10, 2021)

For “paper” filter elements: In a well-ventilated area away from bystanders, use pressurized air to blow dust out of the air filter. Wear protective equipment to prevent injury from dust and debris.
For foam filter elements: Wash the element in warm water and mild detergent several times. Rinse. Squeeze out excess water and allow it to dry completely. Soak the filter in lightweight oil briefly, then squeeze out the excess oil.

Does it have a fuel injection (Asked May 13, 2021)

The unit is carbureted.

What is the difference between model 63584 and model 56720? (Asked July 12, 2021)

56720 is the newer model. Both versions are nearly identical, but the 56720 features the fuel gauge the 63584 lacked.

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Predator 3500
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  1. 0.5

    Costs too much. Weighs too much. Needle valve sticks. Don’t know if it’s compatible to charge Tesla Model 3. It is not dual fuel. No weatherproof housing option.

    + PROS:
    • none
    - CONS:
    • Too expensive.
    • Too heavy.
    • Not dual fuel.
    • No weatherproof housing option.
    • Carb needle valve sticks.
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  2. 4

    Predator 3500 has been a great solution for me for 4 years of camping and home emergency use. I run it monthly and use stabil in the gas. I added the remote start option which is nice to start it up for morning coffee before having to go outside. It powers 2 AC units in my RV with Soft Start RV installed.

    + PROS:
    • Size and weight, quiet and affordable, if you maintain it and run monthly, it is extremely reliable. Many support groups and parts are easily available.
    - CONS:
    • Fuel efficiency, remote start not included, spark plug it comes with is weak, fuel tank can only be filled to 80%.
    Helpful(8) Unhelpful(1)You have already voted this
  3. 4.15

    This thing is an excellent generator for emergency or camping. Because it is so (relatively) quiet. When running an adequate load, think quieter than a lawnmower and louder than a box fan. The readout is simple to understand and the push start is excellent (also has a pull start if you need it). As many online forums mention, it’s recommended to run on ethanol-free fuel, change the oil after the first hour of use (to remove lose debris from engine), and get a magnet oil-cap to help remove shards of metal (best practice for any generator). You won’t find a better value on an inverter.

    + PROS:
    • Inexpensive compared to similar inverter generators.
    • Because it’s an inverter it can safely charge an electric vehicle (slowly)
    • Quiet
    • Light weight (for output capacity).
    • Plenty of available modifications (remote start, natural gas/propane adapter)
    - CONS:
    • The wheels are hard plastic, very small. Makes moving it anywhere a bit awkward.
    • No external fuel gauge.
    Helpful(5) Unhelpful(2)You have already voted this
  4. 5

    This is my first dry camping generator Purchased in late 2018. This Predator inverter generator has been great. It has started every time via starting switch or pull start. I have ran 92 octane fuel in it and so far haven’t had any issues with not running it for a month to 4 months. Longest stretch not running is between mid November and the end of March. I am very happy with this product and will be installing a tri fuel kit soon.

    + PROS:
    • Price was outstanding
    • It's very quiet
    • Fits inside trailer door when hauling (Not Too Wide)
    • Battery and Pull start both work well
    • Out performed expectations for a Harbor freight item
    • It has handled everything i have asked it to do while dry camping.
    - CONS:
    • Wheels
    • No Low fuel indicator
    Helpful(2) Unhelpful(0)You have already voted this
  5. 5

    This is the first generator I’ve ever bought or used frequently so I don’t know to much about the longevity of these machines but I have to say this little monster is a workhorse! We use it every day, all day long, and sometimes day and night for weeks straight! I currently have 4951 hours of run time on it so far and I don’t know if that’s high for this generator or not but I’m impressed! It is starting to show wear. But I’ll buy another one just like it!

    + PROS:
    • Great price
    • Reliable work horse
    • Fairly quiet
    • Long lasting
    - CONS:
    • Used pull start 2 times and the cord broke
    Helpful(1) Unhelpful(2)You have already voted this
  6. Avatar
    Kevin Amundsen July 11, 2021 at 1:29 pm

    Bought this 4 years ago and it has 200 hours on it. Runs a 30 amp camper when the power goes out, which is rather often, needed it 2 days ago and a week before that. Twist lock receptacle, which is a must-have. Very quiet when lightly loaded but noisier at half load. Fuel efficiency is very low. Uses a whole gallon of gas to heat 10 gallons of hot water, I’ve done this at least 50 times. No way to check the fuel level without removing both the cap and strainer, you get gas on your fingers and it runs dry occasionally. Never had a problem but the engine runs rich. The exhaust stinks of unburned fuel, for this reason I would not buy another. But it was low cost and has been trouble-free. Oil change is relatively easy. Still using it, but purchased a Champion propane generator which is totally safe to store indoors because there is no gasoline in it. This one must live outdoors in the shed.

    + PROS:
    • Has been 100% reliable
    • Quiet
    • Rolls easily across hard surfaces
    • Twist-Lock Receptacle
    - CONS:
    • High fuel consumption
    • Exhaust smells of unburned fuel
    • No fuel gauge
    Helpful(0) Unhelpful(0)You have already voted this
  7. 1.75

    Bought this back in November 2020 for the home IF we needed it. Ran fine and was quiet. Shut off and put away. Started / shut it over every 2-3 weeks, running it for 10 minutes or more while using ON/OFF and table grinder. Fast forward to August 2021. Go to start as usual. It WILL NOT START. Checked all the usual stuff – Gas in tank, drained gas from carb to check for bad gas, checked for spark. Still won’t start. Decided to check the carb. Looked OK. Cleaned anyway. Same thing. I did purchase the protection plan when I bought it, so back it went. I got a no hassle swap for a new one, which I don’t plan on opening and will end up selling. While I was impressed when I first got it. my trust in it when I truly may need it is damaged. Up for sale it goes. Looking to buy a Honda for peace of mind. Won’t have all the bells and whistles this one does but I am OK with that. I want reliability.

    + PROS:
    • Nice looking with many features.
    - CONS:
    • Failed for no reason with little use after 10 months. Less than 15 hours on it . New unit given to replace this to be sold soon.
    Helpful(1) Unhelpful(0)You have already voted this

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